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Rain, rain, rain.

That’s been the weather forecast where I live for the past week and for the upcoming week… I love a little rain once in awhile, but this is crazy! The only good factor that comes out of this is that I get to finally wear my pretty little rain boots! When I saw these boots online, I instantly fell in love (but not with the price…) I waited and waited (impatiently) until these boots became gradually more affordable. Sometime in August, they were a shockingly cheap price but I could not find my size anywhere… I remember calling so many different stores with no luck! Just when I was giving up, my boyfriend calls me and tells me he called a store that had my size and put them on hold! I ended up getting these babies for more than half off the original price! 🙂

I’m wearing... Sweater Forever21, Cape Asos, Jeans BDG via Urban Outfitters, Knit Head-Wrap Urban Outfitters, Purse See by Chloe, Watch Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Rain Boots Hunter.