Cardigan Weather

Hello! This is my first post on a wordpress blog. I have a ton of other websites & blogs but am still trying to figure out which one works best for me! 🙂

Here are a couple of photos from a few days ago. If you don’t already know, the weather in Vancouver can be very unpredictable. From foggy mornings to sunny afternoons to rainy evenings, you never really know what to expect. That is why I love to wear layers in Autumn. It’s fun to pile on different pieces for the cold morning weather, then gradually lose piece by piece throughout the afternoon, and then pile everything back on for the rainy commute home. I really love this sweater (mostly because it has super cute elbow pads!) I actually got it on sale from the Gap… It was the last one there, only three sizes too big. I bought it anyway because I like my cardigans loose!

I’m wearing… Denim Top Billabong, Cardigan Sweater Gap, Scarf Gap, Boots Forever21 and Socks Aeropostale.



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